Academic Development Seminar-2016

Academic Development Seminar On "Academic Publishing And Effective Writing"

Silk RoadResearch Institute kicks off the 2016 Academic Programs and Seminars as part the Academic Development Mentorship Program. Institute organized the academic development seminar on "Academic Publishing and Effective writing", a video lecture of Dr. Jeffrey Robens, Editorial Development Manager at Springer Publications for IBSU academic and administrative staff on 29th of January, 2016.

The seminar (video lecture) was related to Author Academy: How to increase the chances of publication success, where the main topic was "Academic Publishing and Effective Writing", the audience was able to learn the methods and structure how to write and design the research articles (manuscript) effectively in order to publish them in international indexed journal and etc. 

The seminar setting was based on interactive and was held in a question-and-answer format, the attendees were asked several questions and the winners were awarded with the memorable gifts by the Prof. Dr. Ilyas Ustunyer, the Vice-Rector for Science and Research and the Head of Academic Development Mentorship Program. The attendees received the very necessary and valuable information regarding the topic.